Last modified on 17/11/2023

Privacy statement

This privacy statement describes the tasks and responsibilities of Cebir plc, corporate headquarters in Leuvensesteenweg 320, 3070 Kortenberg, company number 0431.479.754 (hereafter “Cebir”). The privacy statement concerns the personal details that are collected and processed by Cebir, as processor or responsible for the processing, by order of the companies which want to take psychological tests for selection, coaching or other purposes (hereafter “Customer”). ). The person who takes the test will hereafter be called “Candidate”.

1. The collected personal details

When you use one of the Cebir applications, the completed personal details* will be supplied to Cebir, as well as your answers to the psychotechnical tests taken. Cebir only collects the data that have been completed in the Cebir application by the Customer and/or Candidate. No further data are automatically collected. The collected data are automatically processed as raw scores, norm scores and text reports which simplify the interpretations of the results.

2. Objectives of the processing of personal details

Cebir collects and processes, as processor or responsible for the processing, the above-mentioned personal details for the following purposes:

  1. Informing the Customer about the Candidate’s psychotechnical characteristics by automatically processing the Candidate’s answers to the tests as a report. Cebir also supports its Customer in the interpretation of individual reports on demand and in the automatic processing of group results;
  2. Correcting and renewing products from Cebir plc by means of the statistical processing of the anonymised collected personal details;
  3. Giving technical support for the Customer’s accounts;
  4. Informing the Customer about new Cebir developments and products.

3. Sharing of the collected personal details and information

The Cebir-web application is hosted by the company Accenture nv, in the Picardstraat 11 bus 100, 1000 Brussel, België, company number 0475.231.011 (hereafter “Accenture”), which is in turn the processor of personal details. The personal details will not be passed on or sold to third parties; your personal details will not be shared with people in other countries.

To offer chat support to customers Cebir uses Userlike UG, Probsteigasse 44-46, 50670 Cologne, Germany. At the start of each chat, personal data is collected.

  • Date and time of the call
  • Browser type/version
  • IP address
  • Operating system used
  • URL of the previously visited website
  • Amount of data sent
  • First name, last name
  • Email address
It is possible that, during the chat conversation, you will give more personal data yourself, such as your telephone number in case we need to call you. You can find the full Userlike privacy policy here.

4. Security of the personal details

Accenture and Cebir have taken appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect the security and confidentiality of your personal details.

Accenture and Cebir have taken the necessary internal and organisational measures to prevent personal details from being accessible for and processed by unauthorized persons, and they maintain physical, electronic and procedural guarantees to safeguard personal details. Accenture and Cebir use, if necessary, security measures that are consistent with the industrial standards, like requirements for usernames and passwords.

If a data leak were to happen, Cebir will do what is required to inform the right authorities. Simultaneously, you should bear in mind that you are co-responsible for the safety of your personal details and the personal details of others that your account may contain. Your password protects your account. You therefore need to choose a unique and strong password, limit the access to your mobile device and log off after using the Cebir applications.

5. Cookies & local storage

A cookie is a small file with information that can be saved on your computer when you visit a website. Cebir only uses technical cookies, to save the language choice and the test session. The precise data are the following:

  • cebirLanguage: language choice;
  • cebir_session: id of the session;
  • clientInitials, sso_session, protectedLoginTill: part of the session;
  • XSRF-TOKEN: a coded version of the csrf-token for Angular;
  • csrf_token: an uncoded version of the csrf-token;
  • last_contact: the Unix timestamp of the last contact with the server;
  • cebirTestingLog: buffer for client errors during testing;
  • uslk_e, uslk_s, uslk_in_service_time: used for live-chat support.

6. Modifications of this Privacy statement and other objectives

These regulations may from time to time be modified to represent changes in the Cebir practices regarding the processing of personal details. Cebir will announce any relevant modification of the regulations by means of an announcement in the web application and will mention the date of the last modification at the top of the document. When using the web application, you will be bound by the modifications of the regulations as soon as such changes are mentioned in the way described in this section.

Cebir can use your personal details for objectives that were not initially mentioned in these regulations, but will inform you about these objectives in accordance with this section and, if legally required, Cebir will offer you the possibility to give your permission for these new objectives.

7. Your rights

You are entitled to access the personal details that have been collected and processed by Cebir about you, as responsible for the processing, and you are entitled to have incorrect data corrected, and to object to the processing of your personal details for commercial purposes at any time and free of charge. You can exercise your rights by following the procedures as described in section 8 below. You need to add proof of your identity and an accurate description of the personal details that you wish to access.

8. Helpdesk

For questions, remarks or complaints about these regulations, or about your right of access, correction or right of objection against processing your personal details for commercial purposes, you can contact the Cebir helpdesk: